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A luxury fashion hijab with simplicity and true elegance. Our collection representing the feminine side of a woman by putting a flowery accent and bright colors to the details. ⁣


Every woman has their own style and special in their own way, they radiate with special energy. ⁣Just like our owners, Mrs. Yanni has a chic style and elegant, Mrs. Mey has a strong personality, and Mrs. Riny loves colorful and fun style. With different personalities, they complete each other and it creates a true beauty of Yumera.⁣



This Yumera’s first product is Yumera hijab, printed hijab that brings the elegance of Karawo, or Kerawang in Bahasa Indonesia, which is Gorontalo’s unique motif of woven fabric. 

Various karawo motives are corporated into our designs and are mixed with feminin patterns for women, such as flowers.

This first series is called

NO’U series. Nou means women. This Nou series represents all kinds of women’s taste, there is the feminine one with flower patterns in sweet and bright colors, and also the plain and abstract one with peaceful basic colors.

The Nou Series come in 3 types of patterns:

  1. Tabuwa (women/girls): flowers nuance, available in 8 beautiful color options
  2. Tinelo (light): a mix of flowers nuance and abstract, available in 8 beautiful color options
  3. Saripahala (brave women): abstract, available in 6 vibrant color options

The material chosen for the Nou series is voal bubble with laser cut finishing and iron plate label.

Tabuwa means a woman in Gorontalo’s local language, derived from the word Tabu’a or being open. Why do we give this collection the name Tabuwa? Because the pattern that we chose for Tabuwa is very feminine, which is floral pattern.

Tabuwa collection is available in:

1. Blue Electric
2. Light Blue
3. Black
4. Grey
5. Mauve
6. Banana
7. Light Pink
8. Terracotta
9. White
10. Beige 

Tinelo in Gorontalo local language means light. Tinelo is a pattern that combines flowers and Karawo,as we hope that Tinelo collection can be the light that accompanies the journey of women who use it.

Tinelo is available in:

1. Olive 
2. Dusty Pink
3. Grey
4. Maroon
5. Navy
6. Light Blue
7. Terracotta
8. White
9. Black

Saripahala is the name of a brave woman who comes from Gorontalo. Saripahala is a collection that we present for those modest women who like simple pattern as Saripahala collection also comes in various soft colors.

Saripahala collection is available in:

1. Grey
2. Mint
3. Brown
4. Peach
5. Dusty Pink
6. Camel

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